The 10-week “Creative Basketry: Foraged Fibres” course I’ve been teaching at Morley College finished last night with a splendid show and tell session. Seeing all the pieces that the students have created during the course really brought it home – to them as well as me – how much they have progressed during that time.

Because it’s a three-hour evening course, students often start working on a piece but don’t manage to finish during the class (basketry can be a slow process!). So they take it home to complete and often don’t bring it back the following week. That’s why it’s useful, and uplifting, to see all the work they have done in one place.

Over 10 weeks they have twined, coiled, made cordage, random woven, and looped. They have used daffodil and dandelion stalks, cordyline and crocosmia leaves, bindweed, pine needles, and honeysuckle stems, sometimes combined with paper yarn, wire, waxed linen, and fabric.

Here are some pics of the work they have produced.

A new cohort of bindweed lovers has now been unleashed on the world!

This academic year has now finished. But if you’re interested in finding out about basketry courses I’m teaching next term, here are some links:

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