My name is Kim, and I’m an artist and maker.

I use traditional basketry techniques in innovative ways to create contemporary sculptural pieces. Sometimes these may be functional vessels, but mostly they are artworks – I love the challenge of pushing the boundaries to make original basketry forms.

I live in Brixton, south London, which offers plenty of opportunities to observe the interaction between urban life and nature, providing inspiration and sometimes materials for my practice. Nature is often ephemeral, but I relish trying to capture its essence in more permanent form in my work.

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With a strong focus on form and materiality, I love to echo structures and processes from nature in my art, from the mathematical basis for a spiral shell to the chemistry of leaf prints on pavements.

I often incorporate found objects in my pieces: making cord from dead daffodil stems, coiling around discarded fruit packaging,  or weaving bindweed into vessels.

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I regularly take part in exhibitions with Prism Textiles as well as selling at fairs and markets. I also teach basketry at Morley College in London.

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“ It always makes me smile when I look up and spy my unusual artwork. Such a tactile piece.”

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