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hexagonal weave basket and balls
Creative Basketry: Hexagonal plaiting

Open hexagonal plaiting is popular in Asia, where bamboo is used to make lightweight but strong containers, hats and fish traps. You will use materials like cane, plastic strapping tape and paper to make baskets and balls.

Basketry with foraged fibres

On this workshop at New Brewery Arts in Cirencester you will learn how to make cordage from foraged fibres like daffodil stalks, and then use this to make a random weave basket.

19 September - 17 October 2023 (5 days)

Creative Basketry: Taster

This five-week daytime course at Morley College will introduce you to some of the main techniques of contemporary basketry, including coiling, twining, looping, and plaiting, using a range of different materials.

Over & Under: Lewes Festival of Basketry

I will be teaching coiling at this celebration of basketmaking in Lewes. There will be other workshops, stalls, and demonstrations, as well as dancing with ceilidh to finish the day!