The Warped exhibition by Prism Textiles is now in full swing at the Art Pavilion in Mile End, London.

At the private view last Wednesday evening Sumi Perera gave the opening speech, dressed in an outfit that most of us instantly coveted!

Some of my stitching friends (Carol and Jane) turned up wearing shibori indigo garments that I had made, so we just had to have a group photo. I don’t think the Three Graces have anything to worry about!

My pieces were installed together. My original idea for Remains was that it should be displayed under a bell jar, like the preserved specimens in Victorian times. However, it proved tricky to find one large enough, and I was also worried about transporting such a large glass item. In the end I ordered one from a company that makes acrylic domes to any size.

After we managed to find a plinth long enough to display my seven Mobius strips, I thought that it would probably have been better to use seven individual plinths of different heights in a sort of building block arrangement. But it was too late by then.

Prism members have been offering free workshops throughout the exhibition – here’s a stitching workshop run by Wolfgang Woerner.

And here’s a selection of other work from the show.

Warped runs at the Art Pavilion, Mile End Park, London E3 4QY, until Monday 1 May. Open daily 11am-6pm. Check the Prism Textiles website for details of free workshops.

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