Where has this year gone? It’s March already and this is my first blog post of the year. I seem to have been busier than usual, as I’ve started teaching basketry evening classes at Morley College (more about this another time) and also I’ve been editing the March issue of the Basketmakers’ Association Journal.

That’s in addition to trying to finish my pieces for Warped, this year’s Prism Textiles exhibition that opens on 20 April. I will have two works on display.

The first is called Mobius – a series of seven coiled Mobius strips. I’ve always been fascinated by Mobius strips, which have only one edge and one surface.

Remains, the second piece, evokes the impact humans have had on Earth during the Anthropocene era, including climate change, habitat destruction and ocean acidification. Species are becoming extinct much faster than previously. Could it be our turn soon?

It is made up of three elements, two of which are not yet finished. But here are some close up detail shots of the work in progress. The technique is twining with paper yarn on cholla cactus wood, which I bought in Mexico.

Warped runs at the Art Pavilion, Mile End Park, Clinton Road, London E3 4QY, from 20 April to 1 May. I will be stewarding all day on Thursday 27 April, so if you are able to visit then it would be lovely to see you.

There will also be several free workshops throughout the exhibition – keep an eye on the Prism Textiles website and social media for details.

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  1. Kim I’m with you on Mobius forms they are totally fascinating especially trying to take on board – the ‘one’ surface. You’ve produced a very colourful collection.

    Now to the coral….WOW….stunning. The use of the paper yarn & the cholla wood emphasising (for me) fragility & fossilisation. Love love love, & looking forward to seeing these completed.

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