Last week I returned from three weeks in Mexico – a wonderful trip filled with colour, crafts, and excellent food. I will write a bit more about some of this in the new year, but for now it seems seasonally appropriate to post a few photos of some of the extraordinary nativity scenes I saw on my travels.

Based on what I saw, Mexicans are big on the nativity – literally, as all these scenes are larger than life, like this first one I saw in Guadalajara.

The figures here were made of paper mache. But in Pátzcuaro, a town known for its crafts, the central square was occupied by figures mostly woven in rush over wire armatures. The rush comes from the local lake.

In Morelia, the displays were particularly effective at night.

However, what I particularly liked about Morelia was the inclusion of a Bosch-inspired tableau of Hell, complete with leaping flames, multi-headed monsters, and devils on horseback.

Merry Christmas to you all!

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