With less than six weeks until our exhibition at City Lit opens, I’m feeling the pressure a bit, as I still haven’t finished any of my four remaining pieces.

As I mentioned in a previous post, these pieces are all inspired by Haeckel. The one I’ve made most progress on is a shallow twined dish made with paper yarn. The particular inspiration came from Haeckel’s drawings of calcareous sponges, marine animals mostly found in shallow tropical waters. They often live in colonies made up of a mesh of thin tubes.

The technique I’m using is an extension of the one I devised when making my eight samples, starting with a double-layered base and using stakes from both layers to form tubes. These tubes then join and split as they grow outwards from the base.

I’m now reaching the border area. My original plan was to leave the ends of the tubes open and thread away the ends (rather a lot of them!!). But now I’m wondering whether to weave a continuous rim. Decisions, decisions…

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