Gallery at Ruthin Crafts Centre, with work by Alison Dickens in the foreground

This wonderful exhibition at Ruthin Craft Centre in north Wales, curated by Gregory Parsons, is the second basketry show they’ve had in the past couple of years. Apparently the first one was immensely popular. So here’s hoping that the image of basketry is on the up – about time!

The exhibition certainly showcases the extraordinary range encompassed by the term “basketry”, from modern recycled materials to ancient techniques that are in danger of dying out (there is a whole gallery dedicated to examples of baskets that are classed as endangered or critically endangered by the Heritage Crafts Association).

Here are some of my favourites of the 37 makers represented in the show.

Annette Mills
Clare Revera
Colette Davies
Dalila Hamiche
Geraldine Jones
Josey Goodin
Judy Simmonds
Lisa Atkinson
Lois Walpole
Lorna Singleton
Louise Tucker
Lucy Williams
Mandy Coates
Mary Butcher
Mary Crabb
Owen Jones
Patrizia Sascor
Pip Rice
Polly Pollock
Rachel Bower
Sarah Paramor
Tim Johnson

Basketry: Rhythm, Renewal & Reinvention runs at Ruthin Craft Centre until 10 January 2022.

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