A couple of weeks ago I ran a workshop on paper cup weaving at Brixton Windmill’s Art in the Park. This is a free annual event where visitors are invited to draw or paint the 220-year-old windmill, or take part in other creative activities such as marbling, T-shirt printing, or making bug houses.

There are plenty of online tutorials on paper cup weaving, including this one. However, most of them use randing (weaving with a single strand). I decided to use twining (weaving with two strands), because this offers the possibility of chequered patterns if you use two strands of different colours, seen here in some of the samples I made.

For twining, you cut a paper cut into strips vertically (best to leave an uncut section at the bottom). Unlike randing, which requires an odd number of strips, you can have any number. Then fold a piece of yarn in half, loop it over one of the strips, and begin twining.

To produce a chequered effect, use strands of two different colours. It’s a great way to recycle coffee cups and use up odds and ends of yarn.

Visitors produced some lovely pots and seemed very happy!

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